“Unlocking the power of rhythm, drumming becomes more than just music—it becomes a pathway to spiritual exploration. Through each beat and resonance, drummers discover a sacred connection, immersing themselves in the divine flow of sound and spirit.”


My Events

“Experience transformative events where rhythm meets healing. Dive into harmony, explore healing journeys, and transcend dimensions. Join our Group Drum Circles, immerse in Sound Bath Workshops, and find joy in Entertainment. Discover the power of sound to uplift and heal.”









What I Offer

Group Drum Circles

“Join our vibrant Group Drum Circles for a rhythmic journey of connection and healing. Experience the power of collective energy as we unite in a circle, drumming together to uplift spirits, foster community, and awaken inner rhythms.”

Sound Bath Workshops

“Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of our Sound Bath Workshops. Experience deep relaxation and energetic realignment as soothing sounds from drums, gongs, and singing bowls wash over you, guiding you to a state of inner peace and rejuvenation.”


“Embark on a transcendental voyage through the fourth dimension with rhythmic drum healing. Explore realms beyond the physical, where vibrations unlock hidden energies and elevate consciousness. Let the beat of the drum guide your journey into the mystical unknown.”


“Embark on a healing odyssey with the rhythmic resonance of drum therapy. Experience profound release as vibrations penetrate deep, dissolving stress and restoring vitality. Let the beat guide your journey to holistic wellness and inner serenity.”


“Step into a world of rhythmic healing with mesmerizing drum sessions. Experience the transformative power of sound as I guide you on a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner harmony. Let the beat of the drum elevate your spirit and soothe your soul.”


“Discover the profound harmony of mind, body, and spirit through the ancient art of drum healing. Let rhythmic vibrations resonate within, restoring balance and inner peace. Experience the unity of sound and soul on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.”








“From the moment I experienced your drumming, I knew I was in the presence of something truly extraordinary. Your rhythmic vibrations seemed to penetrate deep into my being, awakening dormant energies and restoring balance to my spirit. I’ve never felt more connected to the universe and to myself. Your gift is truly remarkable, and I am forever grateful for the healing you’ve brought into my life.”

Jenny Smith

New York

“I’ve always been drawn to alternative forms of healing, but nothing could have prepared me for the profound experience of your drumming sessions. From the moment I entered your sacred space, I could feel the energy shifting around me, enveloping me in a cocoon of healing vibrations. With each beat of the drum, I felt a deep sense of release and renewal, as if layers of emotional baggage were being lifted from my soul. Your gentle guidance and intuitive wisdom have been instrumental in my healing journey, and I am eternally grateful for the profound transformation you’ve facilitated in my life.”

Barjees Buns Spiritual Healer

It’s Time To Get In Touch

“Ready to elevate your well-being? Experience the transformative power of our drum healing services. Whether it’s harmony, healing, or exploring the fourth dimension, we’re here for you. Get in touch today to start your journey towards inner peace and holistic wellness.”

“Meet Berjees Buns, a spiritual drum healer, guiding others on a transformative journey through rhythm and soul. With the beat of the drum as his compass, Berjees taps into ancient wisdom, igniting inner harmony and healing for those ready to embark on a profound spiritual awakening.”